How do I pay?

  • Once your time slot have been confirmed, please pay by PayPal- a link for the payment will be sent with the receipt of payment to your email address used when you submitted your request.

Note: If you don’t have a credit card, you can pay in cash by leaving the agreed amount in the money dropbox, but the studio will not be able to send you a receipt before we have confirmed the amount in the box. (please bring an envelope for the money and a note stating name and email address for the receipt)


What sort of equipment, light modifiersand studio flashes is available in Studio Arufu?


Am I allowed to shoot artistic nudes at the studio?

  • Yes certainly, however the studio is in a residential area, so please do close the curtains if you plan to shoot artistic nudes, but adult video and pornographic content is not permitted.


Are there anchor points in the ceiling for rigging/rope-work/shibari?

  • Yes, 2 anchor points are available and can be moved around. (Please take care while doing rope work, the studio can not be held responsible for any injuries sustained)

Is there a shower available in the studio?

  •    Sorry, no shower is available in the studio, but hot water and a sink is available for use.





  • ご予約確定後お送りするメール内にペイパルへのリンクがございますので、そちらからお支払いください。








  • はい、可能です。ただし、住宅街にあるスタジオのため、アートヌード撮影時にカーテンは閉めるようお願いいたしますがAVはお断りいたします。




  • はい、移動可能なフックを2箇所ご用意しております。




  •    当スタジオにシャワーはございません。給湯コーナーではお湯をご利用いただけます。