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Cosplay meetup at Studio Arufu


またエベントが行われてますのでモデルでも、写真家でも、MUAやスタイリストなど、興味がある方は是非参加してくださいね。 (=゚ω゚)ノ よろしくお願いします。参加できる人数が少ないのお早めに[参加する]を押してください。よろしくお願いします。


Hey guys! Arufu Photography wants to do a cosplay special photoshoot event in the end of August! And we at Cosplay Tokyo just have to say yes for this! 

Arufu studio is a studio for professional fashion and portrait photography with state of the art lighting equipment, conveniently located in 5mnt walk from chitose-funabashi stasion in the odakyu line

Cosplay Tokyo team up with Photographer Alf Nielsen for the first ever cosplay meetup, photoshoot and networking event in Arufu Studio
our aim this time is to get more people from the cosplayers and photographers from the cosplay community to meet more photographers and model from outside the cosplay community and vice versa,
we want to help cosplayers and photographers expanding their networks in a setting everyone is most familiar and comfortable with: A photo studio! 
Fee: 2.000¥ for everyone, cosplayers, photogs and models
Drinks and snacks included

Free to use the settings and lightning equipment in Arufu Studio *not all equipment can be used due to space and time limitation, if you need specific kind of equipment please contact us immediately
For cosplayers:

We know it's hot out there and cosplaying outdoor is saved for the big events such as comiket and the like, heck, even going out alone is already excruciating! 

We reccomend you guys to cosplay as light as possible to reduce your luggage, hereby are the type of cosplay we reccomend for this event:

* summer type school uniform
*bathing suits, bikinis, swimsuits (Highly Reccommended)
*casual clothes cosplay with cosplay wigs and make-up
*(for men) Topless Cosplays
*fashion subculture cosplays (ie: Goth loli, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, decora, harajuku, etc)
*yukata, jinbei, hakama, light kimono
*original characters
*yokai/yuurei characters (hey it's summer in Japan!) No Fake Blood though! It's very hard to clean!

As for props, try to bring ones that is small and easy to dismantle, the studio is ok with fake guns and small swords, but fake blood or long swords is not ideal for this space so please refrain from bringing huge props

I also reccomend to do your make up in advance so you have more time to shoot, the make up space in the studio is rather small but you can use it for touch ups before the shoot.

Turn based system

No, not rpg you nerd you XD

What we mean by this is that each photog have a set time on how long to use the sets as there's only one set and we try our best to accommodate everyone and have them get their best shots. 
Each photog can get up to 10-15 mnt of shooting each turn and same is applied for cosplayers, just like shooting in big studios like HacoStadium or Booty! 
Off course depends on how busy or slow it is throughout the day this would change and photogs/cosplayers pair/group can ise the sets longer on a down time and such, which is why we run this whole day from 2pm up to 9pm, you decide when and for how long you wanna show up, and feel free to message us of how is the condition in the studio at any given time!


Alf studio have state of the art lighting equipment so advise you to travel light and use the strobes and lights available in the studio. 
Please refrain from bringing your own strobes and light modifier, especially if it's large as it takes space and time to set up, if you need any specific lighting or camera equipment, by all means contact us as early as possible, and we will try our best to make it work for you.

If you still want to go with your own equipment then feel free to do so, but we would really appreciate it if you can inform us in advance about that, we are trying to minimize everyone's luggage and make this event a great experience for everyone.