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Creatives Networking Event and Photography Festa


Creatives Networking Event and Photography Festa

The time has come for a followup social event at Studio Arufu.

At the previous event we all had a great time thanks to the wonderfull people attending, and we all made some great new friends. And new contacts to do more creative collaboration projects with is always good and help inspiration flow.

After the last event we asked in a poll what you would like to see next time, and more social events seemed to win in the polls. ;) So bring your business cards, mood boards, ideas, costumes, fashion inspirations and have a drink.

Drinks and Snacks

This time will be no different, there will be wine, sangria, snacks (more softdrinks than last time for those who want that) and more time with the new and improved studio lighting booth setup for the models, cosplayers, photographers and casual shooters.

Professional Lighting and Photo Booth:

This time the setup will feature an automated shooter setup specifically for the event, so you don't need to bring your own photographer to come away with great photos ;)

The images will automatically be available live to anyone at the studio with a wifi device, so no need to wait for the photographer to share them after the event ;).

Both photographers and the automated system can shoot at the same time, so bring your camera, your photographer or just your smile and get some great pictures using this one of a kind pro lighting setup.

156-0054 Setagaya-ku,
Sakuragaoka 2-27-11-3F
Google maps:
Location: <-- more info here.

Images from last time

Here are some of the great images taken during last event.


Price: ¥ 1500

This price will be ¥1500 but with only 35 spots available we highly encourage you to secure your ticket by paying the ticket on Paypal using below link.  

Registered participants are offered a 1000¥ discount on the next upcoming flash photo course.

NB. if you don't have a Paypal account, please email or PM me for more info.