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Studio flash photography introduction course

Time: June 12th from 2pm ~ 6pm

Location: Studio Arufu (see access page here)

Cost: ¥ 1500(This is a special starting price, similar courses are ¥ 25000 and up)
Capacity: 8 shooters

Limited spots available, max 8 shooters (we want to make sure we can all fit in there, so please order fast in order to get a spot on this course.)

Softdrinks, tea, coffee, and snacks will be available.(but no alcohol)


Contents and purpose

In this course you will get comfortable with studio flash photography.
Studio strobe work and effects. Learn to use the Inverse square law and how this will change the world for your flash photography. We will go over the many light modifiers and what they do, and to what effect they can be used.

All principles taught in this course can be used with normal portable strobes/speedlights as well.

The weight will be on quickly teaching the initial basics needed to get started, and then give all a chance to try the equipment as that is the best way to learn and to get comfortable with flash photography.


1, Initial explanation on basic Studio flash photography, do and donts, tips and tricks.
Walk through of light modifiers, enough to help get everyone started.

2, We then split into 2 teams with separate radio frequency triggers, and all get a chance to try out equipment and setup. There will be free shooting during this time but only limited triggers available .

3, Alf will roam between the 2 groups and guide where needed.


Model for the day will be the lovely:  Stefanie Arianne 



You will need to bring a dslr or mirrorless camera with a hot-shoe adaptor that can shoot in manual mode, and a smile :)

It is a good idea to bring an extra battery if you have one. Suggested lens is between 50mm and 85mm.


Buy your ticket now to ensure your place on the course!
I look forward to receiving you at Studio Arufu.

Note!: Please keep in mind that you can pay at the door if you are having trouble with paypal, but you need to let me know that you are coming for sure, so I can reserve your spot. Please send me an email confirming you will come. Thank you


This course was packed with information while still being accessible. The combination of Alf's explanations and hands-on experience made for a rich learning experience, and it was really exciting to improve so much in the course of one afternoon. Alf is very knowledgable and welcomed questions. His explanations were detailed and easy to understand. I left the class feeling well equipped to tackle studio lighting and I could tell the other students did too. 

  • Megan Kitt