Sony-P67/645 Pentax-A SMC 75mm F2.8

It is finally time for me to review my favorite medium format lens for the Sony A7RM2 platform, the Pentax 645 SMC 75mm F2.8 ♥

I got mine from ebay at about ¥17.000 (~$170) [ ebay listings ]

And quickly added a metal lens hood, I then simply leave the front cap off the lens even in my bag, as the front element is well protected. Having that freedom of not needing to remove front-cap, add plastic lens hood, then shoot, remove lens hood, add front-cap pack away in bag, is just really nice. And it comes only at the expense of using a blower once in a while which I honestly forget most of the time but have never had issues with.

It weighs 240g(!) and has a 58mm filter thread. It is lovely short and super smooth in focusing and has good separation for my use with portraits and general walk around lens. 8 Aperture blades stopping down to f/22. Arbitrary half and full-stop clicks.

Becomes approx ~115mm focal length, F2.8 (with F4.2 DOF).

Even with lens hood and P645 - EF + EF - FE adapters it still fits beautifully in my everyday camera bag ♥ And there is still room for extra lenses, blower, etc etc.

The focal length is a little long for a everyday walk around lens, but luckily it focuses really close, so you can really fill the frame and get some nice bokeh.

Close Focus test

Test setup

Here is what I am doing to try and get comparable results. I.e consistent setup

First off:

  • Level and 90degrees shooting for even length to focus plane and the setup.
  • Same framing for all lenses. I.e longer focal length will be shot from further away to achieve same framing. (see images below)
  • Lighting is done by softbox and flash to eliminate any motion-blur.
  • ISO50 for low noise, 1/200sec shutter and exposure adjusted through flash.
  • Shot tethered into CaptureOne Pro 9, with only White balance, CA and Crop adjustment - No additional sharpness added. exported to 100% quality Jpeg in sRGB at 2048px wide.

Sharpness test

Below is a 100% crop for pixel peeping, image will open in a new window or download to see in full size. Keep in mind that no sharpening is applied at all.

Closing thoughts

Really sharp even wide open, with good bokeh considering the focal length and f-stop on a 35mm sensor, and a "must-have" for people who shoot with adapters and old lenses I think. Great for portraits and landscape as well, a little long but the close focusing makes up for that.

Another advantage is the small size and weight, something that you should have given up on a long time ago if you are looking to play with medium format lenses on the mirror-less platforms :D but this lens strike a nice compromise and certainly good enough that it stays on my camera most of the time. It is the lens that goes back on my camera after having tested any other MF lens and I would have been happy to pay double the price on ebay for this lens.

Check out the real life gallery below.

Real life photography

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