Sony-P67/645 165mm F2.8 SMC Frankenmonster

Sony-P67-165mm F2.8 SMC Frankenmonster 

This time i am taking a look at the Pentax67 SMC 165mm f2.8 and in many ways it really is the big brother to the previously tested lens, the 105mm as it too is the fastest of the telephoto MF lenses.  

 SMC Pentax67 165mm f2.8

SMC Pentax67 165mm f2.8

 The SonyFrankenMonster in front of my lens rack

The SonyFrankenMonster in front of my lens rack

Side by side the 165mm is quite a bit bigger, and during my trip to the Tama zoo last weekend I could really feel the difference of dragging around the bigger lens, but the the extra reach in the zoo was well worth it. (see below gallery)

Above are the 165mm left and the 105mm right with and without the lenshoods

This lens effectvely acts as a 330mm telephoto lens with a DOF like a f5.6 letting in f2.8 worth of light on the fullframe Sony  A7R2II. Yes i realize this is the not the correct way to classify this, but it help the understanding of how it behave for people coming from the 'fullframe' world of photography. 

This lovely lens comes with an inbuilt lenshood that extends out from the barrel, very handy.

Test setup

Here is what I am doing to try and get comparable results. I.e consistent setup

First off:

  • Level and 90degrees shooting for even length to focus plane and the setup.
  • Same framing for all lenses. I.e longer focal length will be shot from further away to achieve same framing. (see images below)
  • Lighting is done by softbox and flash to eliminate any motion-blur.
  • ISO50 for low noise, 1/200sec shutter and exposure adjusted through flash.
  • Shot tethered into CaptureOne Pro 9, with only White balance, CA and Crop adjustment - No additional sharpness added. exported to 100% quality Jpeg in sRGB at 2048px wide.

Minimum focus distance is coincidentally 165cm. 

Sharpness test 

Above shots are f2.8, f4, f5.6, f8, f11, f16

Below is a 100% crop for pixel peeping, please open the image in a new window or download to see in full size.

Real life photography examples from the local zoo

(wide open and handheld)

Once again I am very happy with the price of ¥18650 for this used lens on Ebay. An absolute pleasure to use, and even though it starts to sharpen up significantly after f2.8, I was very happy with the zoo pictures which were all shot wide open at f2.8 and handheld. With the long focal length and the big aperture any net/fence in the zoo just dissapears from the images once the focus is on the animals. ♥