Getting familiar with the Sony a7rII * Summer Yukata shoot

Having bought the new Sony a7rII about a week after it was out in Japan, I was getting trigger happy for a shoot in the studio to see if it would be the final move away from my Canon setup.

(Spoiler alert! - it is!)


So here are a few pictures from a Yukata shoot I did with a couple of friends who were kind enough to model for me.

I originally wanted to do a long review, but so many people have already done so, and rather than repeat what they are saying, I will simply say this: I have now sold my Canon 6D and lenses.

I am keeping my 70-200mm f2.8 IS L II for the shear versatility and quality that it offers, and it works outstandingly with the new sony a7rII (and in the studio the extra bulk and weight is irrelevant).

However for this shoot the Canon 70-200mm was not used, but instead I focused on getting familiar with the new setup of 3 primes that will be my stable going forward. It consists of:

- 28mm f2 Sony lens

- 55mm f1.8 Sony Zeiss lens

- 135mm f1.8 Sony Zeiss lens (+LA-EA4)

All three was used and I am quite happy with the results. I must say that it is a completely different beast from the Canon 6D, and the handling and button setup will take some time to get used to. 

"Why get the 135mm len when you have the 70-200mm?"

Well I did a research in my photo library, and about 90% of my headshots are at (or very close to) 135mm even when using the Canon 70-200mm it just seems to be the focal length for me when I do portrait work, and going from f2.8 to f1.8 is just great. ♥ 

I have set up the camera with back-button focusing like I had my Canon 6D which have made the transition a lot easier, but also the extra special function keys have helped me get easier use out of the camera. I should mention that the Camera is with Japanese menus, and evn though I understand most of it, I dont read it as fast as I would like, which makes searching around through the massive amounts of functions these new cameras have can be time-consuming, so having the quick access buttons setup up your your special menus and functions become a breeze to use. (=゚ω゚)ノ

I am loving the resolution I get i post-production. People keep arguing that you dont need the resolution, but if you are doing a lot of retouching,that resolution makes a big difference.

From end of september i will be going on a roadtrip to New Zealand (north Island only this time) and I really look forward to trying the setup in various landscapes and situations. (to be continued)