Jinbei HD600 and availability outside of Asia

I have been asked a few times regarding the Jinbei HD600 lights and if they have high speed sync or if they are available outside of Asia.

So this is just meant as a short note on that for people who are looking for a cheap alternative to the expensive brands like ProPhoto and Elinchrom.

The HD600’s are my main lights in my studio, where they do a great job and I have not found them lacking.

However I got the first version of the Jinbei HD600 which do not support HSS or TTL as studio lights all I needed was good manual lights and with blackout curtains in the studio I never really needed HSS. 

When using outside in high sun I will just use Iso 50 on my Canon 6D to get half the effective light and use a ND filter if necessary + HD600 for fill But my main is in studio, so I was never bothered by this limitation enough to get the version 2 that has HSS.

But the next version that came out, do support HSS so you can use 1/8000 shutter speeds. Its also worth mentioning that they are actually available in the US now, but rebranded as Flashpoint RoveLight 600 and  sold by Adorama in the new version that supports HSS.

See link below.



If I where to go out on the market and et get a new batt powered strobe for outside work, I would (will?) like go with the relatively new Phottix Indra 500 HSS and TTL in a small package. (price aside)