Take Creative Control - a beginners class

Is the Manual mode on your camera scary? Are you frustrated that your pictures are not turning out like the poster for the camera you bought? Are you unhappy with your photography in general and would like to improve?

If you can answer yes to any of the above, please dont hesitate to sign up/or show interest in this photography class, and I will do my best to help you take creative control of your photography.



About the course

This course will welcome all levels of photography, but will focus on beginners, and there will be plenty of time during the course to stop and ask questions and for me to guide you along as we “learn by doing” through most of this class. There will be very little technical talk unless people are curious, and instead we will concentrate on understanding of the principless so you can apply them in your own style of photography.

This photography course will be in English. 


(Rough draft)

10:00 Start (Saturday or Sunday depending on participants interest)

  • Short informal introduction to better understand what level people are on.
  • Basics in regards to camera and switching all cameras to manual so the photographer have the creative control, and not the camera. 
  • Quick walk through of general lens focal lengths and why some are better for a given task than others.
  • All get to try out a few example assignments to underline why, and how it can be used creatively if we decide to break a few "rules".
  • Basics of light for photography and why this is the most important aspect of photography.
  • Flash use vs constant lighting from the sun or indoor lamps, what are the pros and cons. 


12:00 Lunch 

  • Relaxing talk and time to go over experiences and obstacles you have encountered in the past, that you might like to focus on in the second half of the class.


13:00 Second half resumes 

  • We are joined by a model and makeup artist.
  • We talk about setting up a shot and executing your vision for specific shot.
  • We work on getting dramatic, high key, moody, beauty lighting type of shot and what type of modifiers are often used to achieve this.
  • Practical tips on posing your model.
  • All get a chance to practice using light modifiers and posing the model to create different looks.
  • If there is interest and time left over, we can test studio lights and big modifiers too.


16:00 The course is over

  • We get a quick beer and talk about our experiences for those interested, and feedback is highly welcomed :)


Studio Arufu will cover:

  • Model fee
  • Makeup Artist fee
  • Studio rent and electricity etc.
  • Equipment (flashes, light modifier, lightstands, remote triggers and more)
  • Softdrinks and some snacks


Equipment you need to bring:

Your DSLR or mirrorless camera (with a standard hotshoe), a lens and the hunger to learn.

If in doubt or you have any questions, please contact me and I can advise: arufuphotography@gmail.com


Price will be:

1-2 participants = 320$/user

2-6 participants = 280$/user

(Min 2, Max 6 participants) 

(For comparison similar courses are easily 400$+)