17 Jan 2015 Model Test shoot

Latest 2 weekends have been great, as I have had 2 great sessions with friends who were willing to model for me. (=゚ω゚)ノ

And we had a chance to try out several setups, and I also had a chance to work with a new makeup artist for the first time and see if we were in the same wavelength so to speak. (more on that in the near future ;) spoiler, she is great!)

The first time shooting this model and spending some time to get to know each other, and getting to understand the way I do direction and also getting to a point where she feels comfortable in front of the camera. 

We started off using the portraitorator™ (I got to come up with a better name for this sucker) this is easy for new models to start off with as is constant lighting and it leaves space to move around and I can focus on directing before we start using flashes that is maybe distracting/imitating to some first time models.


Later after getting comfortable we moved on to a more downkey relaxed atmosphere setup for full body size shots with a new rustic chair and lamp I had recently acquired. (the dangers to my wallet of antiques shops in the area is everpresent)

I shot all tethered to CaptureOne 8 software displayed on an old Imac27 for quick sharpens and visual feedback. I really do enjoy this setup in the studio as it really helps with instant visual confirmation as well as the ability to quickly show the model examples and corrections. Not to mention the help this is in terms of the makeup artist being able to confirm details by looking at 100% previews etc on the fly. Highly recommend it :)