Facebook's image compression and loss of control

Okay, time to throw the towel in the ring!

Facebook image compression algorithm wins :( After reading several guides on how to get the best image in facebook like this one on how to avoid handbooks aggressive compression I eventually realized that it was just a matter if time before they made changes to the way the algorithm works and go over the photos again and you would need to redo all your exports and upload again to minimize the impact again... So it is time to start hosting the pictures my self and simply link to them, they can then redo their shitty algorithm as many times as they want. insert apologetic Facebook comment on "oh!, but they have to compress images because their are paying for bandwidth and server space, poor facebook yes that's fine! That they compress the images is not the real problem, it's that they "optimize" this algorithm ongoing and with the picture on facebooks servers you loose control if how it is displayed without redoing all your pictures according to the 3+ new different online guides guessing at the best way to avoid the compression again.. :( a never ending cycle of death and pain..

So how to end the fighting?

Well, first we need the ownership and control of our pictures back, and with that comes the need to host our own pictures and the bandwidth.

I am throwing my images onto Squarespace for now, but you could go with SmugMug, Picasa, Flikr etc etc. Or you could host it at home if bandwith is not an issue for you. "Dont they also add compression though?" yes, yes they do, however their compression is much less aggressive, and are in general sites made for sharing photos and as such they value the images displayed more.

For good measure, here are a couple og photos that got completely destroyed by facebook, but luckily look alright on Squarespace.