Studio upgrade

# New Jinbei 400W studio flashes  - cheap Profoto studio flash for sale

At the very end of last year I bought 3 new 400w Jinbei studio flashes from China with soft boxes and grids. I also got the 70cm silver beauty dish with honeycomb grid and diffuser sock. I got 2x 140cm x 35cm soft boxes with grids, and a 120cm Octo soft box with grid, and some 65 degree and 120 degree reflector shades. The Jinbei flashes comes with a wireless trigger and control system just like the Profoto Air system that I already have. (With it, you can control on/off of flash and model lights and turn both up or down)
One downside was that because we have 110-120v in Japan and in China they have 230-240v I have to get 3 transformers to get them to work. luckily even the fairly heavy duty ones are fairly cheap in Biccamera electronics store…and in stock ;)
My small studio room have undergone some major changes since the last update. And I now have the wide wall with a wide white background on it, as well as a black curtain background and a fair variety of colored cloth backgrounds for portraits.

Now don’t get me wrong, the Profoto D1 250w Air  flash that I have is way better build quality and the same is true for the light shapers like the 90cm RFi octobox with grid that I have for it…but DAMN they are expensive. I payed as much for the Profoto D1 250w strobe(no accessories) as I did for the entire set of equipment I mentioned above… Let that sink in. So although I wanted to expand my Profoto lineup of equipment, it really was not a financial sound way to go (=_=‘)

 Clamshell lighting with the 70cm beauty dish and a silver reflector

Clamshell lighting with the 70cm beauty dish and a silver reflector

With the new additions, there really is not space for both system to coexist. 
On the upside, if you are in the market for a Profoto D1, I can hook you up ;) 

Check this out! --> selling-profoto-d1-250w-air-mono-lights-and-octobox-extra

Here I just used the beauty dish, and no flash for the background or fill for shadows.