Enoshima and Kamakura weekend trip

It is a 3 day weekend (monday was a holiday here in Japan) and my girlfriend and I took a 2 day trip out of Tokyo to visit Enoshima and Kamakura.  My first time both places despite having lived in Japan for 3+ years now. Σ(゚д゚;)

I finally got the time and energy to sort and upload the pictures from last weekend, and thought I would make a little post out of it.

We started off at Enoshima Island, known for it’s beach, lighthouse and quaint alleys and temple, where you can do money laundering… no really, you wash your coins for good luck.

I had my trusty Nex-6 with the speedbooster and a canon 24-105mm IS L f4(f2.8) and my girlfriend had my Nex-f3 with the powerzoom 16-50mm OSS.

View from one of Enoshima's small hillside roads in front of the temple.

Enoshima is a small Island with a very cozy atmosphere and many stray cats that are cared for by the local community and also many birds of pray, called "Tobi".

It was also pretty fun finding out yesterday that the Anime "Tsuritama" took place on the island. And watching the anime I could recognize 9 out of 10 settings in the anime as places I had just been standing and taken photos a week earlier.

We had some delicious pancakes at a small cafe on the hillside with an amazing view of the ocean. "Fujimi Chaya" was established in 1854 and was really nice.

Kamakura & traditional clothing

That night we stayed at a small and cheap business hotel near Kamakura station. Basically just a bed and breakfast kinda place, but clean and pleasant... and that was really all we needed as our trip. :)

The next day, we quickly found the small store where my girlfriend had reserved traditional clothing for renting as we walked around the old temples and took in the atmosphere. Kamakura has had a big place in Japans history as a former capital 1192-1333 and it seemed like good fun to try and take in the impressions of the old capital by dressing in traditional kimono's. It was also my first time trying on a real kimono. I Highly recommend it out. It was also a good excuse to snap some photos in some cool settings.

In the bamboo garden of the houkoku-ji

We also had some Macha tea and sweets. A great place to relax, and I love the bamboo forrests ♥

Just like in Asakusa, Kyoto and other old parts of Japan, you can rent a rickshaw and driver in Kamakura, which is a good idea if you want to see a lot and are wearing "Geta"(traditional wooden sandals) and Kimono. (because its is not easy to move at the speed we are used to in a modern stressed out society) So in a way it is good that you are forced to slow down a little and "smell the roses", but I would still encourage the rickshaw as you get a history lesson with a lot of knowledge and background information that is not listed in Wikipedia, and it is pretty good fun. :D

Rickshaw out to the Houkoku-ji, and walk back. Driver: Nori-chan