Yahoo auctions - Canon 135mm f2 L

This should be very interesting once the lens comes back from Canon service ;)

Yahoo auctions used Canon 135mm f2 L EF lens.

This lens arrived very quick, but having to wait for the Fotodiox EF adapter another 8+ days, I though, oh well lets send the lens to Canon service, and get it adjusted and cleaned of the dust particles I could see inside the lens. Note the lens was only about 650$ on Yahoo actions, but had the dust particles in it. Otherwise great condition, and no scratches or otherwise :)

Canon 135mm f2 L EF Lens

Canon 135mm f2 L EF Lens with hood


Together with the Fotodiox EF adapter below, this combination is poised to produce from great quality pictures. Jay over at Sonyalphalabs.

Check out his article on the image quality for the Nex6 - adapter -135mm setup here.

Below are some random shots I snapped during my launch break while taking a walk in the Mita area. (all handheld) ʕु•̫͡•ʔु ♥