Metabones Speedbooster - hands on review part 1

The 600$ Σ(゚д゚; Metabones speedbooster Canon EF lens to Nex E mount adapter finally arrived. Along with my new Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS L II lens.

So far I have only really been shooting with it for a short day at the local park, so this will be a "part 1" of the review. I will be placing a few samples and 100% crops to go with the video below. I do realize that the sound in the video is really bad, apologies. It is due to me forgetting that the camera was in continuous focus mode, so it keeps humming. :(  (in my defense, I bought the Nex-F3 a few hours earlier with Japanese menus and had overlooked the setting.)

All sample images below are taken handheld.  Now the samples below where shot at various focal lengths and apertures as I was just taking the adapter on its "virgin spin" and having fun.

In part 2 of this review I will do sample images of the same object with the Metabones speedbooster and with the passive Fotodiox EF to Nex adapter with side by side samples for comparison.

Lenses used for the shots below where;  ( --> speedbooster effects )

Canon EF 40mm F2.8 STM --> 28mm F2 (42mm on the Nex APS-C sensor)

Canon EF 135mm F2L --> 95mm F1.4 (143mm on the Nex APS-C sensor)

Canon EF 70-200mm F2.8 --> 50-142mm F2 (74-213mm on the Nex APS-C sensor)