Fotodiox FD adapter, first impressions

My long awaited (bought it mid dec ) FD to E mount Fotodiox adapter finally arrived yesterday night <3


It is sturdy as one might expect, with the exception of the tripod mount which looks a little flimsy, but even with the 70-210mm all metal vivitar zoom on it held up just fine :)

And oh boy the used FD lenses I got my hands on work great on the nex6. I will have a --> separate posts on those here. <--  So be sure to check the samples. Just need to wait until the weekend to go and shoot outside with them :(

The adapter has a very smooth and effective lock ring besides the actual lock on the lens side to ensure a snug fit.
And the "gaCHA!" Feeling of mounting it on the nex6 feels very secure.

Fotodiox FD adapter product link check out amazon where you will find the adapter at 35$ or so. ;)

There is no aperture control on the adaptor like the Fotodiox EF adapter, but as the aperture control ring is on the FD lenses this is not needed on the adapter. Where as if you get the EF lenses there is no manual control, and you will have to shoot wide open or control the aperture through the control ring on the adaptor.
(Normally this happens electronically within the lens, but as there is no power going through the above mentioned adaptors this will have to be done manually.

This is also a good way to learn about the way your camera and lens works, as it forces you to think about the what you are doing and why, instead of having the camera do it for you. :)

All in all a great product. if you don't mind going manual I highly recommend this setup, especially if you are looking to get some high quality glass and save some money $