Aperture and library speed

I like to get better performance on my systems... In fact better than I can financially defend given that I am just messing about and having hobby-fun (>_ <)/ 

My main workhorse is a 2011-2012 iMac27 with 12GB Ram and a top of the line SSD from owc.com. Now as space is precious on such a drive, and the aperture library quickly outgrows is, I decided after some time to get the Thunderbolt enabled Promise Pegasus 4 disk Raid array with 4 std hard drives in raid0 for good performance. Please note that if you are note doing backup to a separate storage solution at home and/or the cloud service on www, you should go with Raid 5,6 or 10...and still backup separately in my opinion. More on how my home backup solution is set up in this article.

Click image for larger view

Now as time went by and I realized that because I save a new library per year.
I restructured my library after above example. I use textexpander to name the folder by date so, typing "ymd" will give me  "2013-01-03 | <cursor here>" like above. But I do save all content from a year in a separate library. So on my backup drives there will be 2011.aplibrary 2012.aplibrary etc. (a few folders of miscellaneous photos are carried over from last years library but thats it.) 2013 is an almost bran new library and each library is thus actually relatively small. :) 

Also in no small part due to getting rid of my Sony A77 (24mpix) and going solo with the Sony Nex6 (16mpix)

For more info on library structuring I recommend anyone to have a look at Joseph's articles over at http://www.apertureexpert.com for some great tips on structuring your library and workflow.) 

So, I decided I could get better speed out of the raid array and use the existing 4 x 1 TB disks as backup for my NAS and for static backups.
So back to owc.com I go and get 4 fairly small sandforce extreme SSD's and small them in the raid instead of the noisy 7200rpm standard hard drives that the array comes with.(unfortunately not possible to the get array disk less from the macstore :(

...BOOM! (O_O;) speed!
This setup serves me quite well, needless to say the 4 extreme SSDs in raid0 makes it a pleasure to wait that 1-2 second when loading anything. :D
And the Pegasus raid is completely silent and comes with a very good management utility for it to do later raid expansion etc etc.

I only really have on issue with the setup, when sleeping the iMac the Pegasus raid stays online.
But it does auto shutdown the Pegasus raid when the iMac is shutdown and starts up along with the iMac again, and really with the SSD in the iMac too the boot time is maybe 5-7 seconds so I will live ;)