eBay - Vivitar 70-210mm FD f2.8-4

Here is one of the lenses that just arrived for my FD to E mount adaptor and Nex-6 setup ʕु•̫͡•ʔु!

Unfortunately the actual adapter have not arrived just yet. Can't wait to see the results when I hook up this lens >_<'

CANON FD MOUNT 70-210mm F/2.8-4 Vivitar Series 1 Zoom

Now the actual lens was no more than 120$, but the shipping from Canada did add another 45$ :( but still a good deal I think. Then lens is very well maintained and no scratches etc, and came very securely packaged.

More good FD lenses can be found at eBay eBay FD auctions

Strange to think that this lens is older than I am. :D I will be sure to upload a small selection once the adaptor arrives, so stay tuned. ;)

Below are some sample photos from the Vivitar 70-210mm. All shot handheld from my balcony. ʕु•̫͡•ʔु!