Adapters for the Nex system

Fotodiox FD to E mount Adapter

The fotodiox canon FD to Nex E-mount adapter only set me back some 24$ on amazon.

Fotodiox Canon EF to E mount

Above adaptor I ordered directly from the Fotodiox website for my Canon 135mm f2 L lens that I found used on eBay. (more on this combo later ♥ ) the adapter is also 80$ on amazon, but seems very well made, and it also has a very smooth iris control.

Metabones Eos EF to E mount adapter

I recently spend a stupid amount of time researching old lenses and how they can be used with semi-cheap adapters for great result with the nex system due to the great sensor in the camera. And especially the old Canon FD mount lenses are great quality lenses and can be found really cheap on eBay and yahoo auctions.

Now it should be said that only a very few lens adapters like the Metabones (nex E mount to canon EF 400$ adaptor) and Sonys own LA-EA2 (nex E mount to Sony A mount 270$ adapters) have auto focus and exit data due to active power connection in the adaptor. But as the old FD mount lenses are manual anyway, you really don't loose that much functionality. And if you do a lot of video, you are likely working in manual mode regardless.

Jay from Sony alpha labs have some great guides and video reviews on getting starting with adapters for the nex system. I highly recommend taking a look at his posts.

And with the focus peaking in the nex systems its a breeze to get good and accurate focus on the manual lenses. I will go as far as to say that it's fun ʕु•̫͡•ʔु! Though obviously it might take too long to focus for most sports photography etc. Have a look at Jay's video and judge for yourself.

 Sony LA-EA2 translucent mirror adaptor A mount to E mount

Sony LA-EA2 translucent mirror adaptor A mount to E mount