Taipei IOI and dinner w. friends

Last day of Taiwan before heading to the airport next morning was spent doing some shopping in Taipei city and taking in the atmosphere around the city.

Walking by the river,

Had some great noodles again at a small shop with neon "hospital"-white lit room, that seemed taken right out of the movies.

We later met up with a Taiwanese friend who was kind enough to show us around at some nice places like Taipei IOI and some delicious and famous ice cream shops :D thanks Annie that was great.

Having walked a lot that day (and the previous two for that matter) we decided we would try a good food massage (contrary to the body massage we had gotten on the 1st day) this time it was pure torture to me, but felt great after... Kinda like if you are being rolled in cacti and acid by someone and they stop, that would feel great too I guess. It started of with a nice hot herbal bath for your feet to lure the customer in to a false sense of security.

(oh! and for the record, I am quite sure the wryly smiling lady was going easy on me ;) seems my girlfriend enjoyed it immensely though.

After the torture, we meet up with 2 other friends I knew from Japan for dinner.

The place was pretty cool, with graffiti on the walls from customers and semi famous people. I of course decided "Kilroy was here" was inappropriate at wrote something a lot more childish.

Really cozy sharing our soup-based food with each other while chatting to the sounds of the monsoon rain falling outside the open Restuarant door.

After dinner we had time to go to a nearby tea house before having to go home.

Next morning we had to leave the hotel at 7am by taxi for the airport. Unfortunately this was also the time the hotel breakfast started, but we were asked if we would like some breakfast anyway :)

yay! for good service. And the guy at the lobby desk also arranged for the next day cab and he fixed the price of the cab ride to the airport so really nice service all the way I thought. With the exception of the wifi working as well as wet matches, I highly recommend this place. Star beauty Hotel

Small selection of photos form that day below or the bigger selection at my Smugmug profile.