Taiwan Arrival and Shilin Night Market

Arrival in Taipei, Taiwan after a short and pleasant flight with Japan airlines. (it is only a 3,5 hour flight from japan) We took a 40 min cab ride from the airport to the star beauty resort hotel in the shilin district where I have the business deluxe room with king size bed and jacuzzi reserved. Great service and friendly staff. :) more on this later in related posts


We arrived around 11pm at the hotel, quickly dropped off our luggage and went to the nearby Shilin Night Market. The night market recently moved and the new basement level was alive with the unable-to-escape stench of rot and wile from the local delicacy known as "smelly tofu" basically nasty rotten tofu. Σ(゚д゚;) (each to his own I guess) and after circling the hotel neighborhood we jumped in the room jacuzzi and quickly fell asleep. (=_=) zzZZzz

The room (and supposedly all hotel rooms in Taipei) comes with breakfast included. An all you can eat morning buffet with traditional western and Asian mix of goodies. Having lived in Japan for a couple of years now I rarely get to eat the continental breakfast, so despite coming to Taiwan I actually greedily sank my teeth into some good beacon and eggs. (my girlfriend is allergic to eggs so I rarely get them at home)

A great first day of what was to become a better than expected trip with high sensory input and good friends.

Read on in related posts. (⌒_⌒)/