10 day trip to back to Denmark with change in Singapore.

Okay, lately I have been completely caught up in work and have not had the time or surplus energy to actually write anything but an occasional email to friends.

…and truth is the work part of my life still have not slowed down, in fact quite the contrary, but seeing as my trip home to see family friends and attend a conference is my first time back in over 1,5 years and as I have approx. 30 hours transport I figured if I don’t get something down now, I might never. (memo to self, write last will and testament in a plane might not be such a bad idea)

So!, going home and seeing the family will be nice, but also seeing the 12 new kittens at my mothers place (placeholder for kittens) too bad my girlfriend could not come with me, she would have loved it.

my itinerary in Denmark looks like my meeting calendar at work, and it will be fun for sure, but maybe not really the vacation I have come to need. By the way this is also my first vacation in more than one and a half year.

I will likely need a vacation after this… (=_=;)

Changi int airport

haha, just watched “assassination games” with Jean Claude van Damme on my flight. Story was as expected, same as the ending, but what struct me was Jean is OLD! (O_O) he obviously aged a lot since last time I saw him in anything. I on the other hand of course have stayed the same age since then. *cough!* (T_T;)

I will soon arrive in Singapore for my connect flight, but I will have 7 hours to spend in Singapore first. My lovely girlfriend send me a link for a nice place to relax while waiting, with massage and spa, so I hope to do my real vacation time in the 7 hours I have in Singapore before I continue.

Now even though I like my job in Tokyo, I miss some of the freedom that came with being a student, the quick spontaneous trips I would previously take are a little harder to do now, and with the aggregated amount of stress, and fatigue from work, now close to impossible.

That having been said, lately we have been looking at a trip to Norikura or Hakuba in Nagano. Beautiful hiking and fairly cheap accommodation in cozy surroundings. Might go and spend christmas there. (⌒ω⌒)