Workload at Waseda University

The other day I was asked by a user; “how did you find the workload at Waseda”.

This is of course a question that I can only answer very subjectively to. But there are a few guidelines and common things to use for reference.

Picture by: Ivar

The work load at Waseda depends on several things. If you are there (like I was) to do the IJLP(Intensive Japanese Language Program) then after the placement test you will get at level somewhere between 1 and 8 (8 being the hardest) and If you stick with the level you are given, the workload should be fine, and with plenty of time for fun on the side. But if you like me like to push yourself a little, then you can talk to your teachers and move up a level within the class introductory week. This can give you a pretty hard work load depending on the courses you take. So in the end the workload is pretty much up to you. ☺ The user soon replied that she would stick with level she gets at the placement test, because she would rather get out and be social so she could practice speaking Japanese instead of studying alone in her room. I most say that I agree a lot with this decision as one can always practice when at home in ones own country, and it’s better to make some japanese friends. Because that is when your language skills really take of. ☺

btw. if you are there to do the “kukosai benkyou-thingy” then everything is very easy, with the exception of having to read a lot.(source: everyone I met at Waseda doing that study)