Tentative Planning for Japan trip

Okay! so, as I have to be at Waseda campus on the 9th of september, I have from the 23rd til the 9th to travel around in Japan. And my plans are as follows:

22nd af august departure from Copenhagen airport.

23rd arrival at Narita airport Japan.

- I will then have 4 days to roam around Tokyo, and do all sorts of practical stuff, like: get power adaptors, buy a cell phone, create a bank account and get use to the metro system.

My Hostel is in the Asakusa part of Tokyo, which apparently is the part of the city that clings on to an older atmosphere. http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3004.html

26th departure from Tokyo to Hiroshima by Shinkanzen (Nozomi line)

- I will then spend 1 day in Hiroshima and 3 days in Miyajima (I am soo looking forward to this.)


Try clicking the little blue cameras on the map found when you follow the link  

30th I will go to Nara and stay with a good friend.

- Here I would like to try the big park with the  deers. 

Nara will also be my base, for going to Kyoto and Osaka.

In Kyoto I will go and visit some friends I made teach at the Kyoto University.

And if I find time to do so (and the money) I will go to an Onsen (hot spring) in the mountains.

Or maybe here: http://movie.jtb.co.jp/ace/yadomovies_link/5528009.asx

9th I will head back early in the morning to Tokyo, to attend the introduction at Waseda Campus.