Steak, Japanese style

Lately I have been living of instant ramen, and although I spice those up -and they actually become quite tasty if I do say so my self- there just comes a time where you need variation, the kind of variation that does not make you feel like a carnivore. Even though I very much enjoy japanese food, sometimes you just NEED a steak. well i guess even japanese once in a while just NEED a steak too, because the japanese steakhouses are very well visited. So haven become a little tired with ramen I decided to defy the horrible (rain, wind and 5 degrees celsius) weather that have been securely held me within my nice and warm room/guesthouse.

And on my way to the local train station (田無駅) lo and behold! a ”Texas - steakhouse” I went. (O_O’) It seems prudent to mention that I had not eaten for about 20 hours at this point. And although they did have the ”グランドステーク 300g” (grand steak 300g) for about 1500 ¥ I decided I wanted to try a lot of stuff on the menu card in stead of one thing. It was a nice and cozy place well hidden away from the public, and if I did not take a different turn towards the station than usual, I would probably never have found it. They played old rock over the speakers at a volume that was not irritating. and the atmosphere was really nice. All throughout the restaurant there was decorations of the old west with wanted posters, stagecoach lamps and cacti. And the everything was made in wood.

Having ordered the a spicy meat taco, texas salad, glass of water, a beer and a steak, I waited while looking at the desert menu thinking to my self, oh well ill just get a desert afterwards and go home and have a snack. (=_=’) wow letting your stomach do the thinking is not a good idea.

Here is what i got:

Later turned out that salad was also included with the steak = double amount of salad. (Also! ham in salad = Win!)

Turned out that you get 2 tacos. At this point I was honestly starting to see what sort of trouble this would amount to once the steak would arrive.

The steak came with more potatoes than can be seen on this picture, and with all you can eat rice, and salad. All of it was really delicious. One might fear that it had become ”japanized” and would come with ”anko-taste” or a nattou on the salad or something like that Σ(゚д゚;), but no, it was aaall good. By now I was in serious trouble, and finishing all the salad was not gonna happen, let alone ordering desert. I then paid the ”outrageous” amount of 2500 ¥ and when paying you get to draw one of five cards to see if you get a 500 ¥ discount. (^_^)

I then ”rolled” out the door and back to my warm room. Now recharged for the next week or so ( ̄○ ̄;)!