Prepare your knees for pain at Waseda University

Is your height above 170 cm?Are you claustrophobic?


Then chances are you will need an ”adjustment period” when attending classes at Waseda university. The reasoning behind this argument is that the tables and chairs are horrible for westerners, and that some of the classes will have 30 students in a 10x10m classroom with poor air conditioning.

I am around 185 cm tall and prone to leg injuries in japanese classrooms. (=_=) (I don’t have claustrophobia though)

Lets have a look at the tables and chairs first.

Now while this chair may seem comfortable compared with other university chairs, but in reality the back support is to much tilted back and too low. This means that you either sit up straight. (and lets face it you probably should) but that then defeats the purpose of the back support (T_T’) OR! you lean back only to realize that the back ”support” covers about as much of your back as your pants does.

I claim to have a normal size butt for a westerner (whatever that means), but even so the sides of the chair envelops the users hips and keeps him or her ”nice and boiling hot, all while cutting of blood circulation to their legs”. いいですね (Also you should also try and imagine 30 people sitting on these chairs without wheels, trying to get out of the hot and packed classroom at the same time during the 5-10min recesses. (O_o’) 


And the tables are really small. - which really is needed to pack that many people in the these rooms. - This is somewhat mitigated by the small ”drawer space” under the desk. This also double in functionality as a ”knee crusher” as you will not be able to fit you legs under the table... UNLESS! you stretch you legs out in front of youth lower your knees. (observe next picture)

Thats when your shins take the punishment for you being tall.  ┻━┻︵\(`Д´)/︵┻━┻ TO HELL WITH THIS!!

This ranting is luckily not true for all the classrooms... but most of them, especially in building 22. Which is the location for most of your classes if you are a IJLP student at Waseda University.