New chair, and my back likes me once more

So I moved in to this guesthouse (Oakhouse) in Tanashi and the room is quite nice and comes with a refrigerator, loft space, bed, rag to hang your clothes on, small desk(really small) and a wooden chair.So I took the liberty to upgrade the room with some useful and inexpensive furniture.


The chair though is the issue here! Its kinda like this one...but cheaper and with less back support. (=_=’)

... and it was broke!.


So I took it upon my self to do my self a favor and get a new chair. (To the defense of the nice manager, I was promptly offered a replacement chair.)

But getting you hands on an office chair (even the crappiest ones) would seem to set me back about 5000-6000 ¥ and they were all less than comfortable. So it slowly dawned on me that I would have to ”up my game” as well as my willingness to pay if I were to get a decent chair. And lets face it, anyone studying, working or otherwise spending long hours in front of the computer are best of with a decent chair. So I went to Shinjuku, and entered Tokyo-Hands department store. I seemed to remember that they had some office supply department on the top floor. And true enough, they had some outlandish and awesome office chairs (*_*) But at an equally shocking price. (=_=’)

Thats when I sat down is this chair and realized that it was 8800 ¥ ... (@_@)?? SOLD! oh! and 430 ¥ for delivery.


My back and me have now made up, and are happy again. (^_^)// ♥