A nice evening in Shinjuku

Having spent most of my morning hours messing around on the ”Internets” I quickly rushed to my meeting at the danish embassy. This meeting would include me talking about studying japanese; The ”why, where, how and really?!?” of studying abroad. It all went quite smoothly, despite me being completely unprepared. The interview was done by 2 french guys and a danish girl. They had traveled around japan and interviewing students and people doing working holy schemes and collecting data, in order to help other students considering going abroad to study or to try the working holiday. When we had finished up, a kind intern at the embassy - who was also interviewed - gave me a short tour of the embassy.

It was now time to return home and get some studying done of my own. Σ(゚д゚;) Now as the danish embassy is located in Ebisu I took the Yamanote line to Shinjuku and changed there to Seibu-Shinjuku line for Honkawagoe. But before coming that far I stopped at Shinjuku and sorta realized I had never taken any pictures here. It had always been cloudy, raining or I had forgotten my camera or decided that I didn’t want to drag it with me at the time. So I pulled out my Canon SX1 IS from my bag and snapped a few shot before turning home. And luckily there was still a few minutes of sun left. ☺

(Shinjuku Station West exit, bus station 01)

(Shinjuku Station West exit, bus station 02)

(Intersection going towards the Seibu-Shinju line)

(Same road that the intersection crossed, only a little further up the road)