Finally back in Japan

There!  I’m finally back in Japan again, after 5-6months in Denmark.

Seeing as Denmark was in a total blizzard state, I was somewhat worried when the bus just gave in, and broke down on the way to the airport. (31st of January)

And once at the airport, there was quite a bit of delay, before takeoff, which only fueled the nagging notion that making it in time for my connecting flight in Helsinki might be a problem. (=_=;)

But it turned out that after waiting for only one hour, I was able to board my flight in Helsinki and wait for 2 hours before the de-frosted the plane. Of course listening to the sweet wailing of about 10 (yes 10!) Children. (-_-‘) I honestly thought to my self that the “6 hours” (thats what it felt like) of waiting was a bit much, and that the remaining 10 hours of flight would be absolute hell. Fortunately, the kids was surprisingly quiet during the flight it self. And with my beloved noise-canceling earphones took care of the engine noise and what not. ♥ pure genius, really worth the extra buck!. (audio-technica QuietPoint ATH-ANC3)

Once arriving 2,5 hours late  at Narita airport it was another 1hour trip to Shinjuku where I bought a bit of necessities, before meeting up with some close friends. Being late and with no mobile phone I was rushing around Shinjuku to make my shopping before the agreed meeting time, but despite the rain, I made it just in time.

The next day I went to the local “ku” administration building to get my alien registration card, so that I could get a mobile phone agreement. So with that in hand I proceeded towards Nara, where I am to stay with some friends before returning to Tokyo on the 18th February. (^_^)/

This time I have only been to Osaka and roam about a bit at Nanba, to find some stuff for the folks at home.

But on the 11th, I will go back to Nanba to drink with some friends from Osaka University. ;3 should be good fun.

有留譜 :)


アルフ ストイスホルト ニエルセン

日本語別科生 @ コペンハーゲン大学