Chilling at Cafe

Hi everyone, I finally realized how small the Japanese really are!... okay, that's not really true, I mean actually there are plenty of tall Japanese people, taller than me even, But what incurred this realization is not the people, but the damn tables at the university AARGH! they are so small that if you open an A4 sized book -say some notes for instance- you will have filled your space at the table completely... second problem... MY LEGS, and frankly everyone else's legs they just will not fit under the low and small tables, and most of the time the tables are part of the floor, so once you bump in to them your knees and shins will hate you forever! (memo to self: take photo as proof)

In the meanwhile I have found the solution for the first problem! yay! and the solution is the nice little Asus Eee pc 901 that I have(or may not have - according to the law) installed Mac osx leopard on, its so small that I can take all my notes in class without bringing loads of paper and use the wifi in class to check mails and so on. (below is a picture of the little devil, that I am actually writing this post on, while enjoying a cup of coffee at the local cafe.)