Rain and Earthquake in Japan

Earthquake, okay so apparently the first earthquake in japan (big enough for humans to realize it) since I got here, happened a few weeks ago while I was a sleep (=_=) when I woke up everyone was talking about how they all felt their beds moving... and stuff. Since I got here I have yet to experience them. Which is actually kinda weird considering I am a very light sleeper But the thing that I have experienced is Rain and thunderstorms *yay* they are pretty in their own sort of “nature show-off” and the droplets of the rain are so big that they resemble glass beads. The flash almost makes it look like snow, and unlike Denmark it does not get colder by the time the rain starts, its easily 26 degrees Celsius and with no wind to speak of, you just want to take off you clothes and enjoy the “shower” because the rain is more or less the same temperature as the weather.