Ready?... get set... start ranting! Oh and apparently its nothing short of impossible to open an bank account in Japan, unless you have been here for 6 months. (according to law) Its only because Waseda have some sort of shady deal with the RESONA bank, that we can get one next month... *grr* I want one now! (*_*)//  ... oh well.

One thing that is seriously getting annoying at this dorm, is that someone(maybe several) are overusing the net, probably downloading, so the internet-connection is really sporadic and I forget all about getting in a live conversation. (Im gonna complain about that today) and it is not like we dont have any bandwith!, remember this is a brand new dorm, and we have (hang on here!) 3*100mb/s fiber connections, my bet is that the router cant handle 130 people playing "super seeder" on the torrent network   not the brightest bunch. *sigh* the few times I have been at my computer and I now that most people are either asleep or at a party, the www have been... uhm ... well like if I had 300mb/s fiber connection (serious busyness) *sigh* 

If they don't get it fixed, I just might get this: !Click link! just because I can!

But a good thing is all the ramen shops up and down the streets at waseda, there are maybe 40! and they are all competing to make the best ramen at the lowest price. I am seriously gonna be 400kg by the time i return. (>_<)//

...oh! but wait, we just had our health-check at Waseda University, and basically its a complete health-check they even take xray, EKG and urine samples, and I had actually lost a little weight. (which is totally beyond me!) and worse yet I am now smaller than when I was measured for my pass. (I used to be 73 kg, now Im 71 kg, Used to be 184 cm tall, now Im 181 cm.) 

But by taking the health-check we can then freely use the all the gym facilities and the pool. *yay*!