Tokyo, there but not back again

23rd of august 6:30am, I’m now waiting for the breakfast on board the plane, and for the last 2hours and 40min to pass before I arrive at Narita. When I finally get there one of  my friends from university will meet me at the airport. Cruising at 36500ft and doing 880km/h and flying direct Copenhagen-Narita I am “blessed” by not having time to spend time in Russia or Finland, and up until now it has been a smooth trip.

On this final stretch we do seem to have quite a bit of turbulence...strangely enough most people seem to be able to sleep anyway.

Next to me is a friendly man named: Masahiko, he has been teaching Karate for 27 years and told me all about karate and the Japanese mindset, really quite interesting.

It seems I’m one of a very few non-Japanese on board this flight, most are returning from a vacation in Copenhagen. I guess I will never fully understand the Japanese wish to come and see the little mermaid, and the home of H.C. Andersen. Flying 8850km for a view of something as small as that statue seems...expensive.

Today I just have to get to Asakusa station were my hostel is, and enjoy some company with my friend Lærke san. And buy a ticket for the Nozomi shinkanzen line headed for Hiroshima. (^_^) Time to attack the Japanese cuisine! (*_*)//

I then have until monday to fool around Tokyo, and get my bearings of the metro system and such.

Monday I will open a bank account, and buy an Iphone 3G (turns out thats not quite possible before i ge my alien registration card)

Tuesday morning I will go to Hiroshima and Miyajima, and meet with my friend Ayako san, who have been kind enough to make reservations on my behalf at a local hostel on Miyajima Island. There I will be staying for 4 days and hiking up Mt.Mizen and seing the grandeur of nature. Probably one of the thing I am looking forward to the most so far.

In Miyajima, Ayako san has told me that I will get to go and see some of the old restaurant (from behind the counter) and see how they have been doing things for the longest of times. Also, as Ayako san is living in Miyajima she has a lot of contacts there. I will also get to go to Iwakuni Military base and talk to some of her coworkers.

In Miyajima, there is apparently quite a bit of craftsmanship regarding woodwork and a like, and a local craftsmanship shop has some connections to Copenhagen as they once every few years exchange craft work and ideas, Ayako san has also arranged for me to go and visit this shop to talk to the craftsmen there. Should all be very fun.


uhm? okay!?