Late update

wow! the food, the scenery, the people all of it is better than I had dared to expect... and I have been waiting to go to Japan for quite some years now. ;)  

I have mainly been at Islands and hotels/hostels and other places that did not have an internet connection, so I have been unable to upload any pictures (qurrently I have around 800 pictures and maybe 15 videos that I need to upload) but I am currently writing from an public computer at Hiroshima Station while waiting for the shinkansen to take me to Kyoto.

In Kyoto Yayoi san will come and pick me up, and take me to Nara. It has been arranged so that I will get to meet up with someone I met in Asakusa, and on the 5th I will go to Kyoto again to meet with Nishino san (an art teacher I met while working at the Embassy in Denmark) He has kindly offered to show me around in Kyoto, So I am really looking forward to that.

Its always nice to go around sightseeing with a local. They also get the best service ;)

I wonder what kind of weather Denmark has currently? According to the weather report, Tokyo and Hokkaido have had quite the rainfall, one day they had 100ml in one hour, and because of landslides, a few of the JR train lines have had to close. :o 

A now newly shaved "Indiana Jones" will soon appear on the photos.

Until then ;)