Preparations and hat trouble

I have keen sense for bringing all the stuff that everybody else seems to forget. (no! I was never a boyscout) But having talked with the nice Japanese friend that is going to show me around in Miyajima and Hiroshima, I have had to gather stuff that I would never have imagined were neccesary. ...a hat ? excuse me what?, the thing is, because of a "mean" heatwave hitting Japan lately the day temperature is about 40-something degrees Celsius, and will definitely be at least as bad in Miyajima in the south. And the sun is very strong  and just waiting to roast me tender.

Okay, so I need at hat! hmm? I then tried going to the local outdoor shops around Copenhagen, -I'm not really a fashionable guy, and usually just wear whatever seems practical...but! in every shop, one hat was uglier than the next.  


First choice, I thought to my self "hell no!"

Having gone through all of the outdoor shops in Copenhagen and gone through a repertoire of: "no!, I think not!, on a cold day in hell, nah, bleh" ...and so on.


wpid-emo17-2008-04-29-21-47.gifI ended up buying some different stuff, among which was a clever "camelbak (tm)" made for my day-pack, with a nifty drinking tube so I can keep hydrated during my treks around the Miyajima mountain trails. wpid-22125-150x150-2008-04-29-21-47.jpg

Finally I went home without a hat. So I thought to myself: "why should I have to deal with these goofy cloth hats, that honestly look somewhat hot. No doubt my skull would end up as an oven, and "bake my potato", wpid-emo03-2008-04-29-21-47.gif so I went online for a straw hat, because I wanted something light, with a shade wide enough to cover a bit of my shoulders and I wanted "air-condition". ... AHA! Finally the ultimate hat. (and cheap!)



Okay I wish the "Indiana Jones" wasn't there, but rather geeky than goofy, and with any luck I will be able to change/obscure/remove that. Indiana Jones or Lawrence of Arabia? it was an easy choice!

I was also recommended a small towel, simply because the difference from and air conditioned room to the high moist 40 degrees outdoor is so extreme that you cannot but sweat, and then continue to sweat. of coarse stuff like UV protection and all that is all packed.


Any one have any cool ideas on what to bring with me on day tours to hot mountainess areas ? please leave a comment.

21/08/2008 Time for an update on the ever serious "hat problem!", yeah okay maybe not that necessary...BUT! a good excuse to buy a hat. It turns out the Indiana Jones version hat was just a taad to geeky... even for me. wpid-jones-150x150-2008-04-29-21-47.jpgI think the picture speaks for it self.

So I decided to remove the "Indiana Jones"-band, and replace it with a layer of an old belt I had, that was going to be thrown out anyway. tadaa! and I am now the (proud?) owner of a hat that makes me look like Im 50 years old. wpid-1__@__emo03-2008-04-29-21-47.gif