Sony-P67/645 Pentax SMC 200mm F4 Takumar

This 200mm f4 SMC Takumar telephoto lens cost me about 6000¥ and are easily found on ebay from about 6700¥ ~ This lens is pretty massive as you might imagine from a Pentax 6X7 lens at 200mm, and on the full frame sensor it comes out to about 400mm field of view and f8 depth of field. Its 800g and has a built in metal lens hood that extens from the barrel and twists in place.

Close Focus test


Test setup

Here is what I am doing to try and get comparable results. I.e consistent setup

First off:

  • Level and 90degrees shooting for even length to focus plane and the setup.
  • Same framing for all lenses. I.e longer focal length will be shot from further away to achieve same framing. (see images below)
  • Lighting is done by softbox and flash to eliminate any motion-blur.
  • ISO50 for low noise, 1/200sec shutter and exposure adjusted through flash.
  • Shot tethered into CaptureOne Pro 9, with only White balance, CA and Crop adjustment - No additional sharpness added. exported to 100% quality Jpeg in sRGB at 2048px wide.

Sharpness Test

Below is a 100% crop for pixel peeping, image will open in a new window or download to see in full size. Keep in mind that no sharpening is applied at all.

Closing thoughts

Although usable at F5.6 It is sharpest at around F8-F11 which was a little disappointing I thought. It might be that it was a bad copy, so if you have other experiences with this lens, please do share. Having only paid 6000¥ for a nice used copy I cant really complain, and if one day I want to shoot wildlife, I might take it with me, but an X2 converter on the Pentax 6X7 165mm F2.8 might be a better option.

Real life photography

I fear that weather, as well as my timing with getting outside with a 400mm telephoto lens have been pretty bad, and so I don't currently have any great real life photography for this lens, and knowing now how soft the lens is under good conditions it does not improve its chances of getting dragged outside anytime soon. :-/ If I receive requests for real life image sample from this lens I will make an effort to get them. So let me know.


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